What do you mean it's not canon

"I am Kira.”

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"Perfect" Koujaku and Aoba. Because this ending creeps me the fuck out.

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yeah um friendly reminder that Sasha is the ONLY character in SNK to even TRY taking down a titan without her 3DMG (minus Ymir and Eren b/c they’re titan shifters so that’s different).

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Amazing Shingeki no kyojin 3D art by Tetsuok9999 

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i gotta find out who killed my dad!

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Ryuu's beautiful singing
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samurai flamenco has a+ dialogue

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personal achievement: i’ve never had a naruto phase 

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I literally do not care about your gender, sexuality or skin colour.

I literally only care about whether you’re a nice fucking human being or not.

so basically you’re racist, sexist and homophobic

How, how, how, could that possibly be interpreted that way.  Just that statement by itself is baffling.

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sketch thing whoops


let me rub my face all over this for a second

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I told an unknown truth and it killed my father.

Then I realized the value of lies.

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Shingeki no Easter: Attack on Egg Dyeing

Spoilers: Petra egg dies.

This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve made (in a while). Final version edits corrupted, I stopped caring so have version -1! Happy Easter!

Hanji is Askerenscreeper, Armin is asksmallgoddesschild!

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consensual makoyouj kisses♥

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